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Usage, Limits And Security: The issuing and the use of swaroo petrol card shall be subject to the rules and regulations. The card holder shall use the card only in india to purchase avail goods and services from merchants in INR The card is not transferable or assignable by the cardholder under any circumstance. The card holder shall use only the card for lawfull purposes in a lawfull manner. Limitations the state of being legally responsible for something in the ecommerce site. Perhaps the most important reason it's a good idea to have a Terms and Conditions agreement for your ecommerce store is that it allows you to legally limit your liabilities and prevent customer litigation. To the fullest extent permitted by law , neither easy , nor our employees , directors shall be liable to you for any lost profits or for any consequential , incidental , indirect , damages arising out of or in connection with these services or terms.

* Card balance: Company will give the loan to the customer in the decision of company and depending on their profile and reference people. Buy swaroo petrol card and if you refer to a person and transactions must be important to get a loan The customer loan eligibility is depending on the referred people to get a amount and it is refundable within 40 days and there Is no interest. There will be other given time of 5 days if did not paid all the underlying commissions will not be given to the customer. It will be blocked and lifelong closed. No interest is payable to the card holder. To get a loan eligibility the card should be one month Old. The cardholder should inform to the swaroo company if any queries regarding payment issues.

* Fees and application taxes : Swaroo card cash will deduct all fees and charges.

* Liability of swaroo card : The liability of swaroo petrol card is restricted to the extent of the amount lying in the card should be processed by our limits.

* Data protection : We will process all the card holders’ personal data in order to provide a card in accordance with the customer’s instruction. Swaroo company will keep all the data confidentially and permitted under applicable data protection. There will be no fraud. All the records belong to swaroo e commerce and services private limited.

Miscellaneous : We will provide information about payment issues to the customer.

* Helpline : Contact us at customer care centre No.9133630801 or email us at (swarooinfo@gmail.com)